[tkined] Segfault with Tru64 Unix

From: Cameron Laird (claird@aftershock.neosoft.com)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 16:38:48 MET

This is easy to reproduce; any
  Tnm::snmp generator -alias $alias
for any value of alias (localhost, in particular) segfaults.
This appears to be true whether I have an aliasing init.tcl
or not.

This is with Scotty
built over Tcl 8.0.5 on
  OSF1 myhost V4.0 1091 alpha
Tru64 Unix (also known as Digital Unix and OSF1) is notorious
for flushing out 64-bit problems.

It'll be the 20th before I can return to track this down. I've
noticed nothing in the mailing-list archive that seems related.
If someone else is already pursuing this, or wants to help me
with it, I'd welcome such news.

Cameron Laird http://www.phaseit.net
Phaseit, Inc. +1 713 763 8366 pager
claird@NeoSoft.com +1 281 996 8546 FAX
                                 +1 281 648 9864 voice

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