[tkined] TickleMan, Emanate/Epic and other snmp.org tools, plus Palm OS / Windows CE

From: Soren Sorensen (snmp_guy_soren@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 00:05:12 MET

I am wondering how the TickleMan package compares to the other Tcl/SNMP
packages which are free/open source (e.g. Tcl/tkined/scotty) and also would
like to know more about the Emanate and Epic tools (pros, cons,
alternatives, learning curve), if anyone has used those too. Has anyone been
working on a port of Scotty/Tkined to the Palm OS? Are there other SNMP
managers for PDAs? I am just starting to venture into the Palm Programming
area. I am also playing around with JACL and TCL/Java network programming. I
would like to network and share experiences with anyone else pursuing the
same interests.


Soren C. Sorensen
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