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Praktikum Cloud Computing

Semester Winter 2015/2016 [ Other terms: Winter 17/18 · Winter 16/17 · Winter 14/15 · Winter 13/14 · Winter 12/13 ]
Module # INF-VS-042
Programmes Bachelor Informatik, Bachelor Informations-Systemtechnik, Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik, Diplom Informatik, Master Informatik, Master Informations-Systemtechnik, Master Wirtschaftsinformatik
IBR Group(s) DS (Prof. Kapitza)
Type Praktikum
Photo Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza
+49 531 3913294
Room 135
Photo Bijun Li
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
+49 531 3913295
Room 117
Credits 5
Hours 3+1
Time & Place

Please refer to the schedule at bottom.


Basic knowledge in Java and a good understanding of distributed system.

Each participant needs a y-Account from GITZ.

Certificates Successfully complete all tasks. Successfully participate in teamwork.

The purpose of this practical course is to enhance reliability and fault tolerance of Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud by implementing Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) into the platform.

To achieve the goal, it takes multiple steps:

  • have a study on target PaaS OpenShift 3 and BFT protocol;
  • build up simple applications with target PaaS;
  • integrate BFT into target PaaS as a built-in service;
  • attach the service to applications.

To decrease difficulty of development, participants are supposed to build up the platform on a cluster of machines in students' working station pool (Room 146). All participants will work in teams for each task therefore teamwork is considered important for grading.

As an initial task, participants will first learn OpenShift 3 and its components. As a a new version of PaaS product from Red Hat, it is featuring container engine Docker and cluster management tool Kubernetes to provide services. Following tasks could be to build simple applications in the platform, and to integrate BFT as build-in service for fault-tolerant applications. Actual tasks might vary according to the results of previous tasks.

Each task is supposed to be carried out in teams of 2-3 students. Teaching assistant will help to make decision on tasks in case of lack of own ideas.

Procedure: The practical course will start with an introduction to PaaS and OpenShift 3, with the plan and distribution of work packages. At weekly meeting, progress of each group will be discussed, in a form of presentation. There will be a short intermediate presentation and at the end a final presentation of the results including a demo.

Slides and Exercises for Praktikum Cloud Computing

The material is only available to registered attendees. In order to register, you need either an IBR account or a self-activated IBR-y-account. Afterwards you can login to this site (with the function at the top of this page).
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Chapter Slides
Kick-Off Meeting + Task 1
pdf pdf pdf
Task 2
pdf pdf pdf
Report: BFT-SMaRt
pdf pdf pdf
Report: OpenShift
pdf pdf pdf
pdf pdf pdf
Final Presentation
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Date Description
04.11.2015, 10:00 Uhr Kick-off (preliminary) (IZ Room 105)
16.11.2015, 16:45 Uhr Background Knowledge Study (IZ Room 105)
23.11.2015, 16:45 Uhr Integration Experiment (IZ Room 105)
30.11.2015, 16:45 Uhr Exercise Report (IZ Room 105)
07.12.2015, 16:45 Uhr Exercise (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
14.12.2015, 16:45 Uhr Exercise (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
04.01.2016, 16:00 Uhr Exercise (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
11.01.2016, 16:00 Uhr Exercise (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
18.01.2016, 16:00 Uhr Exercise (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
25.01.2016, 16:00 Uhr Exercise (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)

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