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Advanced Networking 2

Semester Summer 2016 [ Other terms: Sommer 17 · Sommer 15 · Sommer 14 · Sommer 13 · Sommer 12 · Sommer 11 · Sommer 10 · Sommer 09 · Sommer 08 ]
Module # INF-KM-03
Programmes Master Wirtschaftsinformatik, Master Internet Technologies and Information Systems, Master Informations-Systemtechnik, Master Informatik, Master Elektrotechnik
IBR Group(s) CM (Prof. Wolf)
Type Seminar
Photo Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
+49 531 3913288
Room 138
Credits 5
Time & Place

TBD, planned Thu 13:15

Kickoff for more information, Thu 7.April 2016, 13:15, IZ105

Start April 2016
Attendees Studenten der Informatik, Informations-Systemtechnik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Medientechnik und Kommunikation, Internet Technologies and Information Systems, Studenten mit Nebenfach Informatik

Computer Networks 2, Mobile Communications

Good knowledge about computer networks is mandatory, e.g. as taught in courses like computer networks 1 and 2. Further courses such as "Mobile Communications" are highly recommended.


German/English to be negotiated


Own contributions during the course (assignments and reports (e.g., 15 papers) to be submitted before the meeting dates, discussion contributions, own presentations (e.g., 3))


Registration deadline has passed. Please contact Prof. Wolf via email.


This module deals with advanced aspects of computer networks. Instead of classic lecture (ex-cathedra teaching), active participation of the students is expected.

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Date Description
09.05.2016, 09:45 Uhr First round of presentations
MiSeNet2016 Paper (IZ105)
23.05.2016, 09:45 Uhr Second round of presentations
MiSeNet2016 and MobiWorld2016 Paper (IZ105)
30.05.2016, 09:45 Uhr Third round of presentations
EWSN2016 Paper (IZ105)
06.06.2016, 09:45 Uhr Fourth round of presentations
EWSN2016 Paper (IZ105)
13.06.2016, 09:45 Uhr Fifth round of presentations
EWSN2016 Paper and SenSys2015 Paper (IZ105)
20.06.2016, 45:00 Uhr Sixth round of presentations
SenSys2015 Paper (IZ105)
27.06.2016, 45:00 Uhr Seventh round of presentations
SenSys2015 Paper (IZ105)

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