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Softwareentwicklungspraktikum: The VisibleCloud

Semester Sommersemester 2013 [ Andere Semester: Sommer 17 · Sommer 16 · Sommer 14 ]
IBR Gruppe(n) DS (Prof. Kapitza)
Art Praktikum
Photo Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza
+49 531 3913294
Raum 135
Photo Desta Haileselassie Hagos
Ehemaliger Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
+49 152 25857888
Photo Arthur Martens
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
+49 531 3913245
Raum 133
LP 8
Hörerkreis Studierende der Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik und Informations-Systemtechnik im vierten Semester

Knowledge of java programming language is mandatory. Additional basic knowledge of Python and distributed systems would be of an advantage.

Every Participant needs a valid y-Account from GITZ


This project will give the students to gain a deeper knowledge of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds thereby implementing a mobile cloud middleware application done by introducing the OpenStack IaaS Cloud. This application will be built on top of android tablets. The application should be compliant with the native android management user interface tools.

The aim of this project is to make Cloud Computing more visible and more understandable. Further we plan to use the outcome of this project as a demonstrator in teaching and research projects.



  • Form a network of the tablets (make them aware of each other) and build a distributed Graphical User Interface (GUI).
    • Control all connected tablets with gestures on one Tablet
    • Make it able to show information across all tablets according to the distribution on the cloud infrastructure.
    • Implement a migration of virtual machines by moving a symbol with a fingertip from one tablet to another.

Organizational stuff

Participants: One group of 10 Students.
Technical setting: Java/Android and Python/OpenStack

Hardware: We will offer one powerful android tablet for every participant.

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Datum Beschreibung
31.01.2013, 14:00 Uhr Presentation of SEP projects (PK 2.2)
22.02.2013 start of registrations
15.03.2013 registration deadline
27.03.2013 allocation of SEP projects
03.04.2013, 09:45 Uhr Kickoff Meeting (IZ119)
17.04.2013 Submission of technical specifications (Pflichtenheft)
24.04.2013 Submission of systemtest specification (Systemtest)
15.05.2013 Submission of systemdesign I (Systemspecifikation I)
29.05.2013, 15:00 Uhr Intermediate presentation + prototype (SN19.7)
26.06.2013 Submission of systemdesign II (Systemspezifikation II)
10.07.2013 Submission of test documentation + testing protocol (Testdokumentation)
11.07.2013 Tag der jungen Software Entwickler (TDSE)
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